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          Celebrating 45 years of athletics with two amazing people! Bill & Karen Bills are retiring after 45 and 44 years of serving the Lord at TCS. Bill and Karen define the character and class that we use as a motto in our athletic department. William Bills was hired in 1975 and Karen Bills was hired as a coach in 1976 and a full-time teacher in 1977.  Bill and Karen started their careers at Timothy Christian and have impacted generations of families. The TCS Athletic Department was developed, led and coached by Bill and Karen for many years. Bill served as Athletic Director for 30 years in total. Specifically, in the 70’s and 80’s, Karen was the coach for all female sports TCS offered. As leaders of the athletic department, Bill and Karen paved the way for our athletes to compete in athletics while honoring the Lord. Through the years more and more talented athletes came to TCS. As a result, 法案 and 卡伦 did everything they could to make sure that these athletes had an opportunity to compete for championships while also being discipled for Christ.



          • 在由先生TCS录用。 gottshall 1975年
          • 在TCS工作了45年
          • 服30年的广告
          • 执教:足球,篮球,棒球,垒球
          • 总战绩:1094胜 - 572个损失和22条领带
          • 足球480 -196-22
          • 篮球352-186
          • 棒球246-167
          • 垒球16-23


          • 通过雇佣了。 gottshall教练在1976年TCS
          • 1977年开始全职教学
          • 在TCS工作了44年
          • 执教:足球,篮球,啦啦队,垒球
          • 638胜 - 209个损失 - 7个纽带
          • 足球的胜利:152
          • 篮球胜:268
          • 垒球胜:218

          Bill & Karen have set the example for Athletic Directors like me to challenge our athletes to greatness on and off the field. What I learned most from these two amazing God fearing teachers/coaches, is that winning and losing will happen on the field, but winning people to Christ is the most important mission we are on. 2 Corinthians 4:7 explains the character and true desire of 法案 & 卡伦.  “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves.”

          They never wanted things to be about them. At each and every moment, whether it was winning a championship or losing a big game they always pointed the athletes back to God. Bill & Karen have impacted my life greatly and I am proud to know that we as school will continue to lead our athletes with the fear of the Lord in this next season! Thank you, 法案 & 卡伦, for all you have done! In the words of scripture, “干得好,忠心的仆人!”

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